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About Us

Sean Huckaba

Sean has spent many years in the production world producing tour visuals, music videos, documentaries, and so much more! Everything started for Sean the moment he was hired on as a Kids Worship and Creative director in Frisco, Tx. He has taken his mindset, skillset, and networking skills to become a Creative Entrepreneur. Over the years Sean he has found ways to bring his passions together to lead the next generation of entrepreneurs. He has also discovered that many people are gifted but don't always know how to be a "professional" with their gift. His mission is to help creatives and entrepreneurs discover what they were meant to do, find their voice and reach their fulfillment through creativity & drive.

Jarrett Lopez

Jarrett is s a creative entrepreneur and business strategist helping other creators, innovators and adventurers turn their ideas into reality. With a diverse background in the worlds of marketing, media, music and tech, he has been described as a creative visionary having helped transform entire organizations using creativity as a competitive weapon. His ability to identify opportunities, develop winning strategies and implement them into actionable tactics which makes him high in demand. His passion lies in helping business leaders and entrepreneurs use creativity to identify and execute a winning strategy. He also has a heart for helping ministries take their creativity to the next level. Jarrett lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area where is creative journey began. He has worked with award winning artists and producers in the music industry along with many of the top marketing and business strategists in the area. 

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